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HPC North American Corp. is a family owned and operated American company with a manufacturing base in Taiwan and Thailand. Our factories have been supplying quality aluminum castings and CNC machined parts to industrial manufacturing companies around the world since 1981.


We are a one-stop-shop for quality aluminum parts. We offer competitive prices, and short delivery times. Our factories have the experiences and the expertise to produce technically challenging components to meet the demand of today’s market. Our factories produce casting parts with raw aluminum from Dubai or the United States; the casted parts are heat treated, cut or drill with the most advance CNC machines, and then surface treated, which are all done in-house. The products are inspected at each step and sample tested on site in our laboratory with narrow tolerance. The finished products are directly delivered from our factories to you.


We continuously seek to improve our operational capabilities. By regularly updating our machines and equipment and on-going training of our staff, we succeed in being a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings in the region.

Our factories are ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Alps Parts Mfg. Corp., Taoyuan, Taiwan - established in 1981, manufacturer specializes in various metal products.

A-Plus Aluminum Co., Ltd., Thailand - established in 2008, manufacturer specializes in aluminum castings.

Gaza Industrial Corp. New Taipei, Taiwan – Manufacturer specializes in zinc die castings.

Aluminum Casting Factory
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